NP Digital, SEO Oct 8, 2020

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Adobe + NP Digital: OMMA Awards Best Search Marketing Campaign Winner 2020

New Website Launch as a Challenger Brand by NP Digital  for Adobe

Adobe XD wanted to create a digital community built on useful content that would educate and inspire designers, but the brand faced competitive pressures in the UX/UI space. NP Digital helped Adobe XD increase brand awareness, generate conversation with new audiences, and establish themselves as an authority. In the first seven months, NP Digitals’ SEO campaign drove 25,200 download starts, exceeded monthly traffic goal by 73% and yearly traffic goal by 19% for Adobe XD Ideas site. It acquired 65 Google Quick Answer Box Featured Snippets.

Affiliated Agency:

  • NP Digital
  • Proximity Labs (Template Development)
  • We Like Small (Blog Migration)


  • Becky Ruden, Principle Product Manager, Adobe Product Marketing
  • Cynthia Tillo, Group Manager of Creative Cloud Operations, Adobe Product Marketing
  • Khoi Vinh, Creative Director, Adobe Design
  • Kela Wysynski, Web Producer, Adobe Product Marketing
  • Patrick Faller, Sr. Editor, Adobe
  • Gleren Meneghin, Art Director, Adobe Design
  • Kari Norder, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Design Circle
  • Ryan Parker, Design Program Manager, Adobe Design
  • Raghavan Gurumurthy, Director Engineering, Adobe Engineering
  • Risihi Kumar, Sr. Engineer Manager, Adobe Engineering
  • Karthik Hebbar, Engineer, Adobe Engineering
  • Niranjan R, Engineer, Adobe Engineering
  • Jose O.J., QE, Adobe Engineering
  • Ashish S, QE, Adobe Engineering
  • Ted Pierson, Director, Testing & Personalization Enablement, Adobe Corporate Marketing
  • Sunita Annavajjhala, Analytics Product Manager (Backend), Adobe Corporate Marketing
  • Charlie West, Analytics Implementation Engineer (Backend), Adobe Corporate Marketing
  • Vikram Kumar, Senior Program Manager, Adobe Engineering (India)
  • Jessica Pozantides, Account Director, NP Digital
  • Nikki Lam, Director of SEO, NP Digital
  • Chad Gilbert, Director of Content Production, NP Digital
  • Karen Bellin, VP of Data, Analytics & Insights, NP Digital
  • Kiani Williams, Sr. Account Specialist, NP Digital
  • Sayori Vazquez, Content Strategy Manager, NP Digital
  • Josh Rogers, Associate Content Production Specialist, NP Digital
  • Travis Tonsbeek, Technical SEO Manager, NP Digital
  • Brittany Worcester, Technical SEO Specialist, NP Digital
  • Kimberly Deese, Digital PR Manager, NP Digital
  • Richa Calla, Digital PR Specialist, NP Digital
  • Evan Karatzas, CEO, Proximity Labs (Template Development)
  • Chris Haff, WP Developer, Proximity Labs (Template Development)
  • Nick Allen, Account Manager, Proximity Labs (Template Development)
  • Rusty Jones, QE, Proximity Labs (Template Development)
  • Chandler Jakomeit, QE, We Like Small (Blog Migration)
  • Luke Jensen, Developer, We Like Small (Blog Migration)

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